Fronius Smart Meter

Ever wanted to track your power usage in real time? Thanks to the Fronius Smart Meter, you can. Breaking down how much power you produce, use and export back to the grid, it’s the smart way to monitor your energy.

How does it work?

For such a sophisticated piece of technology, it’s actually pretty simple.

  1. Your Fronius inverter records and collects information on how much energy you produce, use and send back to the grid.

  2. That information is sent to Fronius’ online monitoring platform, Solar.web.

  3. You can then access that information via your desktop or smart phone, building an energy profile you can use to track, monitor and manage your energy use over time.


Even better, getting started is easy: all you need is a strong Wi-Fi signal where your inverter is positioned (or an Ethernet connection to your inverter), and some excess space in your switchboard.