Solar Inverters

The inverter is the heart of your solar power system. It’s primary functions are to convert the DC power from the panels into AC power for your home and to select the most productive operating voltage for the panels. Inverters come in a wide range of types, quality and sizes. The most common types of inverters are string inverters, which are mounted on your wall and connect to all the panels in your system.


Another popular type is micro inverters, which are small inverters that sit under each panel. These inverters manage each panel individually, resulting in better yields, particularly on challenging roofs or systems subject to shading. Better quality inverters are available, and they come with longer warranties, better features, generate more power and are far more reliable.


Better inverter manufacturers are also starting to introduce different connectivity options, online management portals, external devices (like consumption monitoring) and are now starting to include battery connectivity (Hybrid inverters). We have one of Australia’s largest selections of inverters and can recommend the perfect option for your solar project.


A great choice for larger residential or small commercial systems on a single phase connection.


The Symo Hybrid is one of the first high-voltage, hybrid inverters on the market.


This inverter has a large class range of 3-20kW, making it suitable for all 3-phase applications in both residential and commercial.


This inverter delivers increased energy harvest and reduces design and installation complexity with its all AC approach.


Track your usage in real time. The Fronius Smart Meter breaks down how much power you produce, use and export back to the grid.


One of 5 functional covers that pairs with an integrated modular junction box base, a single retrofit/add-on base, or a dual retrofit/add-on base.